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  1. Looking for 50 Mower powerflow brackets and double pulley

    Want To Buy
    I just acquired a powerflow bagger for my 332. I am missing the two mower shoot brackets, rear hitch bracket and double pulley. If anyone would like to sell their parts to make my powerflow complete please PM me. Thanks!
  2. NOS Powerflow 38 for sale $150 obo

    I bought this several years ago thinking I needed it, and decided I don't. It's dusty but never been used. Always stored inside. Located in Cedar Falls, IA
  3. JD 318 PowerFlo Bagger Hitch Mount Bracket (AM101862) and Double Spindle Pulley

    Want To Buy
    Hi, I have a 1983 JD 318 w/46" deck that I picked up a PowerFlo Bagger System to use with. I'm missing the hitch mounting bracket, which I believe to be JD Part # AM101862. I'm also in need of the double stack pulley that replaces the single spindle pulley on the discharge chute side that...
  4. 46" Deck + Powerflow bagger for 318

    46" Deck w/ Powerflow bagger located in Burlington MI - about 15 miles South of Battle Creek. Asking $400 obo - I picked up a 318 and all I need is the tractor. Deck seems pretty quiet and solid. If I am way off on the price someone please chime in! Easiest to email me at [email protected]
  5. Power flow on 430 60 inch deck

    John Deere and Allied Attachments
    I recently just purchased a 1986 John Deere 430 with a 60 inch deck and only 327 hours on it. I noticed that the 425-455's have a power flow for their 60 inch decks. They looked fairly close to the one on my 430. So I was wondering if I could somehow mate the power flow from the 425 to my 430...