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  1. 318 Vanguard Repower

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Guys, Does anyone have pics of Vanguard 23 repower wiring? In particular, the starter solenoid - is it purple? My first Vanguard dropped a valve into the piston and blew a hole in the top of it. After sitting in the shed for 3 years I am trying to recreate by memory - which aint great. Thanks...
  2. Twin Blades (2x3) for older JD Hydrostats

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hi again all, first time back since I repowered my JD 318 w/Honda GX620. I also have an HRT216 Harmony PUSH MOWER that I use to cut smaller areas of the lawn and for trim work where the 318 can't maneuver. Pushing is also great for keeping this old power plant in shape too! The push mower...
  3. 314 repower options

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    In relation to my dead Kohler 321AQS on my 314 (http://www.wfmachines.com/forums/showthread.php/47177-314-starts-and-runs-fine-then-engine-started-to-die/page6?highlight=314+stalls) I am looking for a repower option. This options appear to be: 1. Harbor Freight (apparently a Honda 'clone')...
  4. Newbie with a Herd

    Hello, I am a returning member with a herd of JD 300 series tractors. I find that I can not keep them alive without help from everyone. I will in turn share what I have learned in the past. Current project is going to be repowering a JD 317. I hope to use a 18 HP vanguard but I'm not sure...
  5. 318 new rings?

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I got an 86 318 with 1634 hours on it. It smokes on start up and does slowly burn oil. Takes me about 2 hours to mow the lawn and I have to add oil every few times mowing. Tractor runs pretty good but do get a slight surging around 1/4 throttle but that's about it. I've had the carb partially...
  6. Brahma's '67 112 RF restro and repower

    Round Fendered Tractors
    *****I will admit this is gonna be my first attempt at restoring a lawn tractor. So please, PLEASE, dont be afraid to point out tricks to help/save me. (it might be badly needed) ***** With that said, on with the show! Overall the 112 is in decent shape for its age, expect the deck is beyond...
  7. 317 repower engine 1"shaft

    Want To Buy
    Hello, I am looking for an opposed twin engine (onan, Briggs, Kohler) for my John Deere 317. I would like it to have a 1" shaft so I don't have to Buy a separate clutch but if the price is right, I'm okay with other shaft sizes. I would like it to be 17+ horsepower it would also be nice if the...