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  1. 318 Seat brackets for taller operators

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    The first time I got on my JD 318 tractor, I noticed that the steering wheel was very close to my crotch. I was not surprised due to my experience with other JD garden tractors, in fact, I had built a revised bracket for my 212. My plan was to do something similar for the 318. In searching on...
  2. Original Suspension Seat - Excellent Condition

    Original suspension seat. Very solid, nice condition. I am willing to sell or trade for a non-suspension version. Asking $425 outright. Other 318 things I might have for sale coming up, are a 4-way blade, 48c deck (The modern one), and 318 with fresh Honda repower. 318 would have to sell...
  3. High back seat sale $140

    Our High Back Seats are fully licensed and authenticated by John Deere Corp. and we are celebrating the 50 Year anniversary of the model 140 by offering our seats for $140. Made for the true collector who demands the best for their quality restoration. Only available from HAPCO Parts. Make it...
  4. Seat sale!!!! Don't miss this one!

    BEAT the HEAT with a HAPCO SEAT HAPCO Seat Sale! LIMITED OFFER! Part ‪#‎6364S‬, yellow seat cushion ONLY 10 AVAILABLE Original price $69.99 SALE PRICE: $50 + shipping and handling. Yellow seat cushion for 1963-64 John Deere Model 110 - Just like the Originals! Our seat cushions are the only...
  5. 300 series flip seat bracket $50 +shipping

    I have a standard flip seat bracket for the 300 series that I purchased several years ago for my 318 and never used. I would like to sell it for $50 plus shipping, if anyone is interested. I'm located in Huntersville, NC. Send me a message and I will get you an accurate shipping quote. I...
  6. Where can I get a Replacment patio seat

    Non-Technical Vintage John Deere Garden Tractors
    I have a 1969 orange Patio that I am getting ready to fix up.My hood is in good original condition but my seat cushon is tore and badly worn. I have seen some pretty nice replacements and reconditioned seats at shows. I have a nice textured pan so i could just recover it. Where do you guys find...