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snow plow

  1. 1984 Model 430 Initial list of newbie questions...

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Howdy WFM folks! I'm digging out from the ongoing snow storm here in the great north east. We've got about a foot so far, and it's still coming down! I learned some things last night... :snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow: I...
  2. Will This Plow Fit my 1980 John Deere 212?

    John Deere and Allied Attachments
    So I'm trying to decide if this plow might fit up to my 1980 John Deere 212 before I go spending any kind of money on it. Can anyone help me determine if this will fit? Thanks!
  3. Early 1961 Cub Cadet Original

    Non-Deere Tractors & Anything Else
    I am selling a 61 four digit serial #, 4567. Machine is march 1961 with all the correct features. Engine, spindle, and dash tower. The machine runs beautiful and is kept inside. I am asking 600 for the machine. I also have a timed mower deck for it that is like. Ew for 250 with the mule drive...