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  1. Snow vs 318 series

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    For those of you moving snow around - a couple of questions: 1. How much snow will you typically tackle with that tractor? 2. What is the set up? (ag tires, fluid, chains, weight box)? 3. Anyone using a Buford Bucket/Johnny Bucket/Little Beaver loader for snow? I have plowed with larger units...
  2. 37A snow blower restore/mod with a twist

    John Deere and Allied Attachments
    Hi every one, I am new here and this is my first post and already learnt so much from the wealth of knowledge displayed in these forums. I have a 37A blower that I am restoring to use this coming winter and thought I would post the ups and down of said restore and any enlightenment's along the...
  3. 318 49" Snow Blower and Rear PTO

    49" Snow Blower - has new chain and new sprocket. Asking $450.00 USD Rear PTO - Good condition. Asking $600.00 USD Located outside of Springfield, MA Please call 413-654-6601
  4. Model 50 Snowblower for a 400, 420 or 430 $600

    For sale near Mpls MN, a Model 50 snowblower with the added mount to allow use with the newer 420/430 tractors. Needs the correct shaft for a 400 or 420/430. The 430 also requires a frame extender/shaft. Auger is in great shape and appears to have had very little use, everything spins smooth...
  5. Snow attachments for 318?

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hello all, So I'm brand new to this forum and to being a John Deere owner. I have many questions about my 318 restoration but for starters... is the 54" angle plow and the 49" blower the only snow attachments that fit the 318? I have a big John Deere auction coming up and I wanna make educated...
  6. 420 430 power angle snow plow blade - Virginia

    54 Inch 4 way (power angle) snow plow blade for a 420 or a 430. Works! I'm in Lynchburg, Virginia. 2 hrs from Greensboro NC, Raleigh NC, Richmond VA 3 hours from DC. $500 or would do some trading.
  7. 400 to 420 Snowthrower Swap

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    Hello, I have a 1980 400 with a 60" mower deck and model 50 snow thrower. I wanted to upgrade and found a 1990 420. It has a 60" mower deck but no snow blower/thrower. I want to put the 400 snow thrower on the 420. I have seen pictures of model 50 snow throwers for the 420, but I'm guessing...
  8. Snow Blade for 185 Hydro

    Want To Buy
    I am looking for a blade assembly to convert my JD 185 Hydro so I can push snow this winter.