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  1. L118 transaxle

    John Deere Lawn Tractors & Late Garden Tractors
    Hoping to get some advice. I have a L118 JD lawn tractor with a ruined tranny. It's a JD AM134125 (Tuff Torq 768T2024000). I'm finding it hard to locate cross reference info on used trannies. I'm looking at a used K46AC tranny (JD AM131580) from a L120 and need to know if that will work in...
  2. Wanted Transaxle Parts 1966 John Deere 110H Transaxle Parts

    Want To Buy
    Hello, The time has come to open the transaxle and rebuild it. I have a 1966 John Deere 110H (Serial Number SNT1032061956M). I'm looking to purchase all the parts on the inside of the transaxle. Gears, retainer springs, everything. It is the Tecumseh/Peerless trans axle. Would Anyone out...
  3. gears

    Gear Drive Tractors
    having a problem getting my john deere 110 sq fender to shift in to gear i know a lot of guys are saying just ease clutch out to engage or belt guide is missing but if there is a way to repair it that is what i would like to do just hate having to rock it back and fort just to put it in gear.and...
  4. looking at a couple of John Deeres to buy, '64 110 '69 112 and a 317

    Non-Technical Vintage John Deere Garden Tractors
    I found a couple of old Deeres locally. The '63 round fender 110, $450 OBO, has a few sheared gears, so the transaxle needs replaced or rebuilt. I might of found a replacement for $100. the tractor would need repainted and the general replacements and refinishing if restoring vs using. Needs...