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  1. Gear Drive Tractors
    I've been battling the variator on my 212 since I bought it about a year ago. I had two different sets of symptoms, that I believe I have recently solved. I figured I'd post to help anyone else who might be seeing similar issues. Issue #1 - Too sensitive to load/hills Last fall, I started to...
  2. Gear Drive Tractors
    I have a model 212 tractor with a 37a snowblower, it has a manual PTO and a variator. The PTO engaes and spins fine, the variator does not seem to change anything when you move it. It seems to spin, but when it hits heavy snoe it stops turning. I do not know if it is a belt slipping, a variator...
  3. Gear Drive Tractors
    Hi all, New to the forum and new to the John Deere community with a 1980 210. The tractor is in good shape, but I have been going through it to make sure there aren't any loose nuts or screws and that the belts are adjusted appropriately. I adjusted the variator based on the instructions in the...
  4. Gear Drive Tractors
    This has probably already been a topic on here hundreds of times, but I recently picked up a John Deere 110 for $150. Has the 10HP Kohler cast iron option. Hood was shot so I'm picking a new one up soon. Tractor needed some carb work but got the engine running with little trouble. Tractor...
  5. Want To Buy
    I'm in need of 110 Round Fender Variator Linkage. Item numbers 10-23 in the part image included with posting. I'm in southeastern Wisconsin, but these items are small so I'd be ok working out a shipping option. Thanks, jd49mc
  6. Round Fendered Tractors
    Well, finally got my mower running. I bought it last winter, hadn't run in 20 years. still needs a lot of work though. I can't get the clutch pedal to move more that an inch or two when I press on it. And when I do, i can hear the idler pulley slapping the top inside of it's housing, like the...
  7. Gear Drive Tractors
    every time I've found that someone shared the page from the manual I can get it large and clear to read how to go about it all, when i'm on the flat or anywhere for that matter, push the variator all the way forward and it speeds up to a point. then I pull the lever back to see where it starts...
1-7 of 7 Results