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  1. Wheel weights and chains

    52 pound wheel weights in good shape. Fit 12 inch wheels on many models, I used them on a 332. Mounting hardware included, $100.Front weights 30 pounds each. They are the black Craftsman ones, but I rattle can'd them Deere Yellow. Mounting hardware included. In good shape, $30.Tire chains...
  2. FOR SALE: JD 332 diesel lawn tractor with mower, snow thrower & front end loader

    This is a late 80's JD with a 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel, hydrostatic drive and attachments. Product ID number is M00332X422985. 1392 hours on the meter. I have had it since about 2000 and I have only given it light use. The Front end loader is from CTC engineering in Wisconsin. See the...
  3. wheel weights

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    :mad:I have a JD 430 with the wheels set wide in order for the chains to clear brake linkage. when I install the starter weights in this position everything is fine but when I go to add additional wights to the starte weights I can't because the valve stem is in the way for the additional wight...
  4. Rear Wheel Weights fitting 322 vs. X585

    Hydrostatic Drive Tractors
    I have a 322 with standard 23x10.5-12 tires (12x8.5 rims). I am looking at buying 50 pound iron double notch rear wheel weights off a JD X585 that has 26x12-12 tires (12x9.5 rims). Will the weights fit my 322? The part numbers are different on the JDParts site but the weights look identical...