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100 engine help

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I will be picking up a 100 soon with possible engine problems. I think the 8 hp B & S engines were used on lots of mowers, only for JD they had a particular type of end on the crankshaft for the clutch. This is a little out of the scope of this forum, but would the engine out of an R72 be able to be transplanted in a 100? I know this is a later (80's) rider but they did have a B & S engine. Thanks for the help.
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Yes but it doesn't have the right crankshaft end. The 100 uses a 1 inch stepped down to 7/8 inch crankshaft where the PTO lives. I think JD was the only one to use this and only on the 100. You could look up the engine crank number for both of those engines on www.jdparts.com and see if they are the same part or not. Roger
Please take a bunch of pictures of the engine compartment. I aquired a 100 and the previous owner took it all apart and thats how I got it. Would like to know the way they look on both sides of the engine. I got it running, but would like to know how to route wiring and where shields go so I can see whats missing and whats there.

Thanks and good find,
Hi Blake, I just picked up the 100 yesterday and I will take some pics of the engine. I'll ask my daughter to help me put them in a place where I can attach them to send to you.
I appreciate it Dave. My email is in my profile if thats easier for her.

If you check out the post "JD 100 rebuild?" lower down on this same forum you will see some info I posted on converting the PTO to fit a 1" shaft.
I didn't find it terribly difficult to do and allows for many other engines to fit.
It worked fine, until the engine blew!
Email me if you need any more info.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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