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100 PTO engagement stalls engine.

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My troublesome but operational 100 has tested me again! 34 Deck is in good shape but one of the two tension springs broke. I ordered and received a replacement,dropped the deck, put it on and now she dies when I engage the PTO. Runs fine otherwise. I can almost get PTO to engage if I do so slowly. Belts appear good and deck rotates smoothly by hand. Manual troubleshoot guide suggest carb idle, ect. Would the carb be a good place to start? Regards, John Lewis
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Thank you Bob.
Deck/PTO operated fine before the spring broke. I made no adjustments to the PTO. I have service manual for the unit and took my time with the belt. I will remove the deck belt this weekend and advise what what happens with PTO drive and double check it. Thank you again.
Bob: I did remove the deck belt. Engine does still stall when engaging PTO. Otherwise it runs fine. Any suggestions would be most welcome! Many thanks,
John Lewis.
Thank you for the feed back. Is this drive pulley the one that goes into the PTO clutch assembly in the front? With the engine off, I assume it should spin by hand if it is not locked up?
This 100 is frustrating but then again it is 33 years old! Thanks again for your help. John L.
I have now removed all of the PTO clutch assembly except the Clutch Cup (#5) above.
Cap screw is out but the cup will not come off and if I'm reading the service manual correctly,
neither will the spacer, Should it just drop off the shaft or should I use a puller. I do not see the "Woodruff Key" mentioned in the instruction. Maybe it is just stuck on there. It looks like the original and has almost no lining remaining. Any advice would be most appreciated.
Regards, John Lewis - Indiana
Well, I did finally did get the clutch cup off. Used lots of penetrant spray, let it sit for a while (over night) and gave it several good smacks with the hammer on the side and by angling a crowbar in from the side (with the panels removed). There is practically none of the friction material remaining inside the cup.
Here's hoping that JD sells that part separate from the whole PTO assembly.
I saw a slot in the shaft but no key.
Regards, John Lewis frustrated 100 owner.
At long last I was able to devote some time to this project and reassembled PTO, belts etc.
All is well and I cut my first grass with her this weekend. It was the PTO safety switch. I took the opportunity to repack the cone bearings.
I learned a lot. Thanks to all who offered help.
Regards, John Lewis
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