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100 PTO engagement stalls engine.

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My troublesome but operational 100 has tested me again! 34 Deck is in good shape but one of the two tension springs broke. I ordered and received a replacement,dropped the deck, put it on and now she dies when I engage the PTO. Runs fine otherwise. I can almost get PTO to engage if I do so slowly. Belts appear good and deck rotates smoothly by hand. Manual troubleshoot guide suggest carb idle, ect. Would the carb be a good place to start? Regards, John Lewis
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Sorry to hear that you are having problems with you JD100. Before the idler spring broke, were you able to successfully engage the PTO and drive the mower deck? Did you make ANY adjustments to the PTO linkages when you dropped the deck to change out the spring? Do you have an Operators Manual (OM) for this tractor and are you 100% positive both deck related drive belts are installed correctly? Have you attempted to engage the PTO with the deck drive belt removed and if so what were the results?
If the engine stalls when engaging the PTO (with the PTO to deck drive belt removed), then I too would suspect that one of the bearings in the lower PTO assembly may be seized. The illustration below shows the components of the PTO assembly. There are two bearings involved, a roller bearing (#4) and a ball bearing (#9). With the PTO engaged (engine NOT running) it should not be possible to turn the lower half of the PTO w/o turning the engine over. With the PTO disengaged, the lower PTO half drops down and will rub on the PTO brake shoe (#25) which will provide some resistance to rotation but it should be possible to rotate the lower PTO half by hand (again, engine NOT running). Removal of the lower PTO half is accomplished by removing the locking pin (#16) and sliding the clutch arm (#17) notch out of the clutch fulcrum (#15). The lower PTO half can then be removed by removing the screw (#23) that holds the PTO brake shoe (#25). The lower PTO half is fairly heavy so be ready for it to drop off once the PTO brake shoe is removed. Instructions for servicing the PTO clutch can be found in Section 50, pages 10-16 through 10-18 of the service manual.

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