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100 PTO engagement stalls engine.

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My troublesome but operational 100 has tested me again! 34 Deck is in good shape but one of the two tension springs broke. I ordered and received a replacement,dropped the deck, put it on and now she dies when I engage the PTO. Runs fine otherwise. I can almost get PTO to engage if I do so slowly. Belts appear good and deck rotates smoothly by hand. Manual troubleshoot guide suggest carb idle, ect. Would the carb be a good place to start? Regards, John Lewis
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ok....found this thread....& I have a new to me 1976 model JD 100 with serial ##### of 57384...the former owner told me that when u engage the PTO.....the deck blades do spin.....but when u go to cut grass..it will stall the blades...I guess there is an adjustment of the nuts #22 in the pic diagram posted by Bob...Adjusted by raisin the nuts up the shaft some. If I'm wrong....let me know... Whirly
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