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100 steering wheel compatibility

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My steering wheel completely broken (unfixable) and what other model(s) will fit on 100?
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Tony seeing as you are new welcome to WFM. The easiest and it will be a good place for you to get to know. Go to www.jdparts.com. This is a JD sponsored site and it will allow you to look up the part number of your steering wheel. After you find that the site allows you to do a "where used" search and that will tell all the places that JD used that wheel. I will look it up for you in about 30 minutes as I need to finish something first but feel free to try it your self. Roger
Tony 2 different steering wheels were used on 100s. The early models had wheel number AM34368 and was used on later 70s and early 100s. The later number was M81485 and was only used on later 100s. The early AM34368 looks like the one on my 1973 70 in the picture. The number split for 100s was about the 56,000 number. Good luck with your search. Roger

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Thanks Roger for the information and helping me drill down to the part number(s). My further question is this...does the model 70 or 108 (before/after models) work on the diameter of the shaft? or other models? when you go to find them on "parts" tractors, then I have an idea of what fits or not?? unless the part number is stamped on the steering wheel to verify. Thanks!
First you have to know which steering wheel you have. I am not even sure the two part numbers will interchange with each other. Give us the serial numbers off your tractor and some pictures and I will see what I can find. Roger
For what its worth the gear boxes on a 60 are different than on a 70. Both are different than the ones used on a 100 and there are 2 versions of that gear box. Before serial number 70,000 and after serial number 70,001. The 108/111/112L and 116 don't have gear boxes as such. As I said before a serial number and pictures would really help. I have no way of knowing what the splines look like on the steering shaft but I know in garden tractors sometimes different steering wheels will interchange. The best I can tell you is you need to experiment and try others but that can get expensive. Roger
I did some more parts book looking and most JD garden tractors seem to use a 5/8 inch fine thread nut to hold the steering wheel on. So does a 100. That would make me think that many would fit the shaft. The trick would be to find a wheel with the the right diameter and off set. Roger
Here is the info off the 100:
Serial-071454M (1977 mfg)
The spline on the steering wheel measures out to .680 or 11/16".

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Tom I think any of the JD lawn equipment splined steering wheels will fit the shaft. The problem will be finding one of the right diameter and that comes up high enough so you can reach it. In the past I have used hot rod Grant steering wheels on some of my toy tractors and with the right adapter they have worked well. I think you are just going to have to try things. I have also used CC steering wheels on my JDs and vice versa. You won't know until you try them. Roger
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