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110 and attachments

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I have been having problems with my GT275. It will stall a few min. after engaging the blades. When it sounds like it will stall out, I turn off the switch for the blades and it runs ok. Re engage the blades and it will stall out again. I replaced the battery and the coil but the same thing happens. Any suggestions?
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I suspect you have a charging system problem. It is not producing enough current to run the PTO and the tractor. Roger
What would be my next step?
Diagnose what is wrong with the charging system is what you do next. This is some advice on the newer tractors and that is take it to the dealer and let them do it. The parts are too expensive and non returnable to guess at. I have always fixed my tractors myself in my 63 years of life but some of the new equipment requires testing procedures the you can't nickel dime and can be very expensive if you do the test wrong. Roger
Good advice Roger, Same with today's cars, it's cheaper to pay a $100 diagnostic fee then to throw parts at it.
David -

It all depends on your skill level , and financial situation . If you have deep pockets , but no multi-meter ; By all means let the dealer handle it .

But if you want to fix it yourself , and have access to a multi-meter and know how to use it ; by all means delve further into it . The 275 GT has a garden variety stator under the flywheel that should put out at least twice the needed charging voltage in alternating current (typically 32-40 volts at WOT) . Then that voltage gets converted to Direct Current in the rectifier part of your Rect./Regulator (at roughly half of stator output 16-20V DC ) . Next the regulator part is designed to turn on and off the voltage back to the system-(battery) to maintain it at the proper voltage . This all depends on good connections at all major points of grounds , and all electrical connectors involved at the engine harness , rect./reg. , stator , battery , Ect.., Etc..,

So that is where to start ; Scrutinize every electrical connection Pos. and Grounds . I've
even seen the magnets in the flywheel come unglued , causing zero stator output .

Hope you find your gremlin . Dave
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hey guys we are new owners of 110 type TO 643 serial 314865, tiller eo700, snow blower eo680,a 42inch snow/dirt blade with tag missing, and a deck ho47f. I started researching but decided to just ask because I know you guys can help me a lot quicker. what year 110 do I have, and what are the model numbers on these attachments? thanks. and on a couple side notes I might be asking for some help on how these attachments hook up, lift and belts hookup!! because we were just handed pile of parts. thanks again and the plan is to see what we have get cleaned up and some items will be up for sale. (hopefully I can mention that on this forum!)
I looked in the registry and it's a 1974. The tiller should be what JD calls a model 31, thew blade a model 43, the blower is either a 37 or a 37A and the mower deck is probably a model 39.
Also use these model numbers on JD parts
and what is the difference in the 37 and 37A, how do you know and does it matter? thanks. would jd parts be the best place to go to look up the belt diagram and hookup material? thanks.
The drive is different. The chute *can* be different. There were three types. The paint will be different. The decal(s) will be different. Either works. I have one of each and use the older version regular like. It is the 37 and has green auger and mounting bracket. Half round (chute) and a twist in the belt.The decal is green Oval four legg deer(e).

The 37a has a black auger/black mounting bracket, black belt guard. The decal is more square and black. The belt is not twisted. The chute is square.

The chain is routed a bit different on each. Both work.

If you can post a picture of the chain guard on the snowblower (right side) you can tell if its a 37 or 37a. the 37 a has 4 bumps, where sprockets are, the 37 only has 1 bump for the front sprocket

Matt the HO47 deck is a model 47 deck. I though Ed would have caught that. Roger
thank ya men looks like I have the 37......green mounting bracket, green round chute, and does have the 4 legged deer. so this means it will have a twist in belt? can I get diagram of that somewhere and the snowblower has a spring hanging from in that is broke on one end? is this something to do with the lift assist? I have not figured out how any of the attachments raise and operate yet because short on time and all we got was a bunch of parts. lets start with does anyone have picture of the model 43 snowblade lift bar and the length of it? I had one of these before but don't remember length or exactly where it hooks up underneath??? thanks.
There is a pic in the "216 lift linkage" thread in this same forum section (Glen Lyalls post). I guess we can assume you already have the lift kit if the attachments came with the tractor .
ok. I checked out that thread. so almost all is the same as far as lifting the snow blade or snow thrower minus that part I think it was 7. but as far as where it connect to tractor it is same correct? does anyone know how long that bar is just to make sure ive got the right one like hole to hole. thanks.
your tractor is a 1974 and the front lift kit would be the 36" long part#2. Part#2 connects to the rockshaft and comes out thru a hole in the frame under the front bumper and connects to part#6. The 2 short pieces, part#7 connect the 43 blade to part#6. The 37 tiller DOES NOT use part#7. It has a lift link that is just under 12"
so let me see if I have this right for the snow blower the long rod I have goes to the rockshaft and then to the short pivot piece the the shorter lift link also goes to the pivot piece? so like 36 inch rod to pivot and 12 inch to pivot? thanks and sorry.
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