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110 kohler engine

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I need some help. I have just overhauled a 110 kohler K181s engine piston,rod,valves,rings,gaskets etc. When starting it it smokes really bad for about 20 seconds then clears up. It hasn't used much oil in the 10 or so hours of use i have put on it. does anyone have an idea what is wrong. Thanks
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Was it bored oversize? Did you use chrome rings? If you put a new piston in a worn bore it will probably use oil. Please give more information if you used a machine shop or other things in the rebuild. Welcome to WFM. Roger
Hi Roger it was bored .20 oversized from standard. I dont think the rings were chrome. But here is the thing it doesn't use oil or at least the level on the dipstick has not dropped in 10 hours of use. But it sure does smoke when you start it after it sits for a day or so. Yes I used a machine shop to bore it and redo the valves and seats. Thanks
Could be just the smoke from having the choke on from starting it. Does it do this every time you start or just first cold start? Next time it sits for a couple of day check the oil level before you start the engine. Also if it is a little fuller smell the oil and see if it smells like gasoline. Roger
Ok thanks I will try it. it only smokes when it is cold. I never thought about that there could be gas in the oil. Thanks again.
What color is the smoke? Mine does that with a light colored smoke when cold for 5-10 seconds, but goes away. I always thought of it has the normal choke smoke. I think all my tractors do it.
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