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110 Lift Lever Hub and Front Wheel Spindle Size

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First, I noticed on my '66 110 that the lift lever hub has a lot of play around the rock shaft rod. It will move at least a quarter of a turn without moving the rockshaft. Also there is a small bolt in the front that looks like it's to clamp the hub tighter over the rockshaft rod. See pic below (pic is not mine). Hub is circled in red.

Is there a way to tighten the hub up onto the rockshaft. I'm afraid to mess with that little bolt as I can see it shearing off.

Second,, what size are the front wheel spindle size, 3/4, an inch, what? I found some rims from a Cub Cadet 71 and a 86, but I'm not sure what sizes those are either. Anyone know? Roger?
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Just took my '66 apart for paint.
There is a woodruff key in the shaft that is probably worn or broken.
Remover arm and refurbish. The clamp bolt will need to be loosened as well.
..........and my spindles measured close to .750".
There are bronze bushings in the axle to replace if you have too much play.
On my 65 110, I broke 3 of the castiron parts back in the 70's lifting a tiller. I had to replace the part/shaft that comes out of the pedestal. The key-way was badly worn and acted as a wedge. Up thru 65 there wasn't any grease fitting. Haven't broken one since.
Terry the spindles are 3/4 inch the same as the CC wheels. I think the width of the JD wheel hub is about 1/4 of an inch wider than the CC hub. You could use spacers/washers to make that up. CC wheels used ball bearings and JD wheels used Timken roller bearings. It seems I have done this before and it worked. Roger
Thanks, guys. I can pick up a set of narrow rims for $30, more if the tires on them are good.

Also, thanks on the advice and direction on the lift lever hub. I did see a slot in the hub where a woodruff key would go. I'm assuming I just loosen the bolt on the clamp part and just slide off the hub?
Yes, Terry, if it is loose it will slide right off. But if it doesn't with the bolt loosened, put a pry bar or wedge in the slot to spread it a tad and wiggle it off.

It looks like I need key, part number 26H14, which looks like per JDParts is now 26H77. 57 cents and my dealer has it in stock. Will try and pick one up this week.
Here’s one more, and hopefully, final question on the lift lever hub.

When I remove the hub, is there an idea position that the lever needs to be in for best results, i.e. all the way forward, or all the way back? Should I try and set the lever forward or backs and have the rear lift in a certain spot, i.e. move the lever all the back, and place the rear lift all the way up? Confusing?

And can I keep the lift pin in the lever when I remove the assembly, hub and lift lever, etc., from the tractor?

Luckily my dealer has several of the woodruff keys in stock, so I might be able to swing by tonight and pick one up, or two.

I see that Miller Tire has two tri-rib narrow front tires, one being the Vredestein and the other Speedway. Is there a difference here?
If there is any attachment hanging on the tractor, push the handle forward. Part of the hub sticks up behind the teeth on the quadrant. The hub and quadrant has to be removed together.
I got the hub and quadrant off, and what I found was the key was still there, slightly rounded on one edge, but not too bad. Relocated it and it works, but even with the helper spring dialed all the way up, it's still very hard to lift the tiller. I did lubricate the tiller lift pivot rod and that help. Unfortunately I accidentally broke the grease fitting on the lift rod at the hub, so that needs to be fixed now. The hard to lift could be caused by lack of grease there, but without the grease fitting it's not possible to lubricate it.
Try some grease on the pin of the roller that the cable goes over under the tractor. The cable drops at a steep angle to the lift shaft, there is a lot of strain on that roller/pulley
Since I broke the one grease fitting, I went to take that piece off yesterday. Question is, does item 20 in the pic below just slide off the rod, item 18? Item 20 is where the grease fitting is and I need to get it off so I can fix it. It slides to the key notch but won't go any further and I want to be sure before I start to force it than it does just simply slide off.

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There might be a burr on that shaft from the key that needs filed down to allow that hub to slide off.
That's what I'm thinking also, so I'll give that a go. Thanks.
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