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This is a helper spring from a 1973 JD 110 serial number about 273,000. Suppose it will fit other models and other years, that is up to you. Helps you pull the manual lift rod back if you have a snow blower, plow, or whatever else you may have hanging off the front of your old Deere. If you only have a mower deck, it can be dangerous if the rod parts become gummed up with age/wear and don't fit snugly as this spring will snap the lift rod back with great energy into your knee. I removed this without removing the seat/fender pan, suppose can be installed the same way.

$60.00 including regular mail shipping to continental US. You can check my ebay feedback under user ID spamonia. I don't monkey around with paypal. You will have to send me a check or money order or come pick it up and pay $50.00 at zip code 45662.

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