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110 transaxel rebuild

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I was mowing with my 425 in Roch MN (93 and humid) and it quit, like it ran out of gas. It ran for a second 2 times before nothing. A Friend wiht a 345 said vapor lock. It has set now for 3 hrs and still nothing. Ran battery down and recharging. What can I do???
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Does the fuel gauge work? I know its an obvious question but them 400 series had a lot of fuel gauge problems. If there is gas in the tank id think fuel pump.
Is it one with the plastic cam gear, if so it may have stripped the teeth
Thanks for your input. It started later, and I drove it onto the garage. When the heat broke, I finished mowing (about 1/2 acre left) and it ran fine. I will keep an eye on it. It is a 2001 with metal cam gear.
I would try replacing the time delay module. They frequently fail and can cause the symptoms you are having. Should be about $20 and it is easy to install. There are plenty of old posts on this. Good luck!
Make sure the radiator and debris screen are clear and your coolant is at the proper level. These Kawasaki engines definitely do not like excessive heat.
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Ken Kinsch
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Hi Folks and Happy New Year.
Well I need to rebuild my 110 transaxel again.This will be its third one.The first two I just had the gears replaced with used gears but no springs or dent balls.This time I am going with NEW gears.I need the shift gear 1st,2nd & rev and the 3rd & 4th gear.I need the the cluster gear and reverse idler gear.Along with new springs and dent balls.I am hoping for this to be the last rebuild.Do folks have any other advice?
Always replace detent balls and springs. Less than $10 and 99% of the reason the transmissions go bad. Also never every shift while moving and I would recommend 85W-140 gear oil. Roger
Thanks Roger your knowledge and help always appreciated.
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