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112 air cleaner ??????

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I have a 97 345 with the 18hp in it. Have always wanted a 54" deck (have the 48) to get the lawn cut faster. Might have found one I can trade up to get.

In the past I have also run my powerflow bagger, but this year due to the dry conditions(but primarily due to the fact my buddy that would take the clippings for his animals is no longer living near by) I have not been bagging.

Is the 54 about all the engine can handle? Will the powerflow push it over the edge? I like to cut at a pretty good pace.
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Cody I'll dig some pic's up later today. I have one on my 112 10hp Kohler powered tractor. The tech faq does have a couple pic's
Cody this is not my tractor but is one of my friends we did. I can't find the pictures of my tractor. We did mine first and I took a bunch of pics for documentation, but have put them in a good hiding place. This kit is an 317 canister and the closest aftermarket hoses I have been able to find. The upright and carb adapters are reproduction from original dimensions.

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