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112 fastener list?

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I am almost finished blasting the entire tractor, the frame and seat are the only things i couldnt do myself so they are going to be done on monday and I will start priming tomorrow hopefully. I tried to save as many of the original carriage bolts as I could and will put them where they can be seen but for the rest i will be getting new. Is there a list ow all the fasteners that are on the 112 anywhere other than picking through JDParts? I know it will not be authentic but i am not paying 4x the price for JD hardware that will more than likely not have the JD stamp like the original. FMW fasteners is an outstanding place for bolts free shipping over $25 and you can get American made for good prices.
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Harry I have never seen a bolt list but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Roger
Harry, i bought a couple sets of bolts from tear downs off ebay. $9-10 each. So far it's had everything i need.
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