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The Model 112

The model 112 came out in 1966. After the successful sales of the Model 110, Deere realized they need a lager size mower for the larger size jobs. The 112 carried on the same sleek styling of the 110, but with a larger motor and of course, a wider deck.. The new model 112 had the following specifications:
  • Cast-iron Tecumseh HH100 ten hp engine.
  • 4speed transaxle with super low for tilling
  • Electric start,
  • Worm gear steering
  • Fiberglass hood
  • 1.9 gal fuel tank
  • Dry type air filter
  • Variable speed drive

Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Diagram

The 112 is truly a farm-bred tractor. They bring time saving performance and convenience that owners expect form John Deere. They are designed for everyone to drive with a triple-safe starting system to prevent dangerous unexpected starts. The variable speed drive gives you complete control to match the tougher job conditions without sacrificing engine speed or working efficiency. Hydraulic Lift was a new option for the 1966 model year on the 110 and 112.

The 1966 112 had a base weight of 642 lbs, and carried a $830 price tag. A 12 with hyd lift weighed in at 663 lbs and was $938. The #46 deck was $150.

The 1968 model year showed a lot of new changes. The fenders and platform were combined into a 1 piece fender deck. An adjustable cushioned seat provided great comfort. Slanted footrests provided a place to rest the feet while mowing. Headlights were placed right above the grill just under the front lip of the hood. In 1969 another 10hp was an option. You could get a K241AS 10hp Kohler. Hyd lift was still an option.

1972 brought another hp change. A 12 hp K301AS Kohler was standard. Manual and Hyd lift were dropped and electric lift was the only lift option. An electric PTO clutch was standard 1972,73. In 1974 a manually engaged PTO replaced the electric clutch.

YearSerial NumberEngine
19662,551 -3,550Tecumseh HH100 (10hp)
19673,551 - 100,000 Tecumseh HH100
1968100,001 - 130,000 Tecumseh HH100
1969130,001 - 150,000 Tecumseh HH100
1969150,001 - 160,000Kohler K241 (10hp)
1970160,001 - 180,000 Tecumseh HH100
1970180,001 - 185,000Kohler K241
1971185,001 -225,000 Tecumseh HH100 (10hp)
1971225,001 - 250,000Kohler K241
1972250,001 - 260,000Kohler K301 (12hp)
1973260,001 - 300,000Kohler K301 (12hp)
1974300,001 -Kohler K301 (12 hp)
Summary by Brad Lundell, Photo from John Deere specification literature. 01/23/2002
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