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112 HH100 throttle

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I am having a hard time setting up throttle and choke cable/conduit on a hh100, should the conduit be crimped to the adjustment lever assembly? When the wire is pushed out, it also pushes the conduit with it, I have looked in the service and parts manual, and found nothing.

does anyone know the correct routing for the ignition wire (pink) going to the coil.
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If you're asking about the throttle cable housing to dash lever? if it's genuine Deere it will screw into the round metal part of the throttle mechanism.
The pink wire gets routed under the starter generator, and between the engine block and the flywheel housing.
Thanks for the information on both the cables and wire routing.

all of the parts were from Deere and in Deere packaging, but unfortunately the conduit did not screw in, rather it fit very loosely, I may end up taping a hole for a 6-32 set screw
I may be wrong but I thought the pink wire goes outside the cover along with the throttle cable on the HH100. At least on the 112 RF. It goes between the the engine and flywheel on the k181 for the 110 RF. At least that is what I have seen.
I finally got back on this project, I ended up running the pink wire on the backside of the block, I know it is the wrong side, but they were rather stingy with the length of wire, I won't tell how I got around the cable problem. I also got it started tonight, it only took 16 years from the time I got it to hear it run,
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