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112 Mower Deck Prices

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My 1967 John Deere 112 does not have a mower deck on it. I found one nearby but he is asking around $400 for one that is unrestored. That includes the draft plate and hangers. Does this seem like a high price? Much input would be appreciated! Thanks!
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$100 would be more like the right price. Roger
$400 sounds right if you live in Alaska, and it is the only mower available. JMHO.
or it looks like it did when it shipped from Horicon...
If it had new bearings and belts I may go up to 150.00 but that'd be tops
Call me might be able two help you out.

Mitchell 765-621-9677 Alexandria Indiana 46001
Thanks for all the info. I ended up buying one nearby for $150 with new bearings. I'm going to take it to my grandpa's to get it sand blasted. Thanks Mitchell for the offer but I already bought the deck.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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