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112 rebuild pictures

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I would like to find a set of the old school hubcaps for my 05 X475. I believe the part numbers are M42183 for the fronts and M42184 for the rears, anybody have any leads as to where I might find a set?
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Try posting a "wanted" ad in the WFM classifieds. A set in good condition is going to be fairly pricey.

Here I go once again trying to master the resize image thing. If computers where built like tractors I'd have figured it out already. Thanks to all for your help.resize1 (33.1 k)
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Richard don't change the actual size of the picture. Leave it a 640 x 480. Change the quality/density of the picture so it is under 75 KB in size. 70 will work better. There are many programs that will do this. Some might even be on your computer. I run Macs and use a program called Image Well. Put the picture on my desk top open the program and drop the picture in the program. Move a slide bar so it is the right size. Save it under a new a new name. This is the same photo with the same size changed to 3 different qualities on that program. Roger

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Roger: I used a program called "Web Resizer" and as I resized each photo the program showed the photo under the 75k. But as I loaded them to WFM, well you see what happened. I think that I must go back and save the resized pictures as jpegs??? I'll give it another go later. Richard
Richard when you go through the process of Up Loading your photos. The program will tell you what size it thinks the picture is. Also make 100% sure the pictures are jpeg which it the internet standard. Other formats do not work often. Roger
That is better but isn't dimensioned 640 x 480 which is the size of my Orange picture. Remember don't reduce the size only the quality. Roger
Richard , I remember you posting & asking questions & I'm sure you did a good job .......but I feel like I'm looking at it from 75' away .
Dave and Roger: I was actually standing rather close when I took those pictures and it does look 75ft away. I will start again with the original images and try again.

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there we go. I will post more tomorrow night,maybe. I have a busy day take the boat out, wash, winterize and watch football. I think that I have a better idea of how to download images. Thanks Richard
I glad ya got it figured out, it's a real bummer not to be able to post the big pictures.
When posting pictures, hit your "Enter" key on your keyboard a couple of times before each and every picture, including the first picture. This will stack the post vertically and keep every one of us from scrolling left to right on the whole page.
Here I am trying this again. Fresh start - new thread. I picked out ten pictures and if they load properly I may just go out and look for a computer job.
So here is my first restoration: (fingers crossed)

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I moved this to the first thread - please do not start another thread on your same project, same subject.
Good job Richard. Now it will be easy and you will post more pictures. Roger
I love the smell of fresh paint.....In the morning!!

I hope I'm not the only one that enjoys sniffing the scent of freshly minted tire rubber........
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