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112 RF HH100 valve gap

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I am rebuilding a poorly abused JD 112 with an engine that was full of water and sludge, frozen valve etc. Over the last 5 weeks I have got it pretty much cleaned with a lot of work. Was putting it back together yesterday and noticed that the valve lash was intake .010 and exhaust .025. ( note the stuck valve was the intake) I know that I have wear on the cam shaft on the flywheel end which is closer to the intake, but the shaft at the PTO end is within specs. The JD manual says .010 for both valves cold. Pretty bad for me on the exhaust side. But then this morning I looked at the Tecumseh manual and it says .010 intake and .020 exhaust. I am still out, but not nearly as alarming. Which is correct? Logic would say that the exhaust should be wider. If I recall correctly on the K181 the exhaust is 2x the intake.

Any ideas?
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