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120 Carburetor

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I am wondering about the carburetor on my 120 (SN #3632). I suspect this Walbro carburetor is not the original as it does not match the service manual's picture in that there is only one adjustment needle other than the idle adjustment. Might this carb be for a 110?

I have not been able to fire the engine. I've got fuel to the float bowl but can't get a hint out of the engine. Yes, the valves are free and the piston cycles. I have spark at the plug.

The casting that holds the float bowl screw partially broke the first time I removed it. Will that have any effect on the ability of the carburetor to function?

My other puzzlement is the bracket that holds the choke cable is longer than the space provided by the air cleaner assembly. What do you make of that?
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I have had some similar issoes, and it has always come back to the spark plug. What kind of plug is in it ?

I may be wrong but I believe the Walbro carburetors were replacement ones made later.
I think all K series engines came with Carter carburetors stock.
A way to tell if fuel is getting inside the engine is a LIGHT spray of a flammable liquid like carburetor cleaner down the throat while spinning it over.
If it sputters and tries to start then it is a lack of fuel problem.
Another way to tell is to remove the plug after trying to start it and see if the plug is wet with gas.If it is wet then it is probably not a fuel problem but a lack of spark problem.
I hope this helps and I hope I have not mis informed you on the carburetor fit.


AJ is correct, the Walbro is a replacement carb. You should have either a Kohler 26 or 28. A 30 will also work on this. Walbro’s have a bad reputation for running lean at WOT. But undamaged it should still work. I would suspect the casting break is affecting both the low and high speed metering jets which is causing your problem. I would look for a Kohler 28 or 30 in good shape to put on it.

PS: I am still loving the RF you steered me to. Took a little work, but nothing too bad. Everyone that sees it now wants one also. I have yet to hook up either of the snow throwers, hopefully this fall I can get to that. THANK YOU!!!
Well, I tried spraying a bit of carb cleaner down the carburetor throat and didn't get a hint of fire. I don't like how the Walbro leaks (badly!) so bought a "26" on eBay and am waiting for it to arrive. Ordered a kit and new float from the local JD dealer along with points and a new spark plug. If all that doesn't get it running I guess it's off to a mechanic friend for some magic from him.

Tim, nice to hear from you. I'm glad the 110 worked out for you. Happy, too, that it is the looker that I thought it was. It looks great next to the 140 in your profile photo. You may have seen my local find 110 which I posted a few weeks ago. I stumbled across it while searching Craigslist for a blower for my 140. Like many, I have a soft spot for the RFs.
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