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140 Charging Problem

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While mowing the ammeter started jumping from high charge to discharge. Am I correct to assume the regulator is toast?
I looked up the part number for the regulator AM34733 and it has been subbed to AM123296 10 amp regulator ($125) and AM34734 ignition coil capacitor($38.75). What would an ignition coil capacitor have to do with the charging system? Is there a less expensive source for the regulator than JD?
Always something.
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NAPA or one of the other auto parts stores may be able to help you. I was able to find a round fender regulator at NAPA (considerably cheaper than Deere). They have a cross reference for many tractor and small engine parts.

Edit: Sorry Ron I forgot it was a 140. They have a different style regulator.

I just made my own rectifier/regulator for my 316 with Onan engine.Cost me less than $20 and about 2 hours of my bench time to hook it up.

Apparently you are several levels above me regarding electronics. I wouldn't know where to start even with directions that had many pictures.

There are other things I would be checking before replacing the regulator/rectifier. Could be something as simple as a wire shorting somewhere. You said while mowing. Did you try it without the mower engaged? PTO shorting? Loose/corroded connector. Wires from stator bad? Lots of things to look at that could cause the symptom you describe.

It still acted up with the mower not engaged. Could it be possible the battery plates are shorting out? The battery is over 10 years old.
First things to check are the terminals in the wiring harness at the regulator, ammeter and back of the ignition switch. Use emery paper to remove any rust and corrosion. If any part of a plastic connector appears burned or overheated that indicates a poor contact.

If you don't find anything obvious try slightly wiggling the key while watching te ammeter. Do this with the PTO engaged and if if you can cause the needle to jump replace the switch.
Was hoping someone could lead me in the right direction for testing the voltage reg and charging system on my 185 hydro. Replaced battery last year and problem still persists. I have checked fuses and tested for power across fuse holders but only with an old cheap voltage meter so not sure how accurate it reads on dc voltage. A few years ago I did have to replace the main 20 amp fuse holder due to corrosion for a similar problem (I used crimp connectors and shrink tubing did it right) and I haven't totally ruled that out yet but It did show power across it today even after I started it with the battery charger and it was running on its own power. The voltage meter did fluctuate with different engine speeds so i guess it is charging? How much I'm not sure (I need a better meter) also the voltage regulator seemed hotter than usual to me and I'm not sure if that is normal or not. Any direction someone could lead me would be greatly appreciated
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