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140 drain plug, oops.

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Well I get the dah for the day. I am getting the 140 I use in the summer ready for the winter and still needed to change the oil. Well I thought I had the correct socket and did not. Well make a long story short, I now have a stripped or rounded plug that is unusually tight in the block. Not a very nice place to try and get a vice grip or something else to help. I really feel dumb. It was one of those, well I think it is coming loose and nope it was rounding. Any suggestions? I wonder why it is so tight???? I changed it mid summer and no problem. Scot
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Three suggestions. First, run the tractor enough to get the hydro nice and warm before trying to remove the plug. Second, you could cut down opposite sides of the plug with an angle grinder, resulting in two large flats, then use a large adjustable wrench or vice-grips. Finally, give the head of the plug one good sharp rap with a heavy ball peen hammer as if you are trying to drive it into the housing. Good luck.
Might also try a cheapo metric socket a pound it on, gently of course.
I know craftsman makes a special socket for getting rounded head bolts off too.you could probably pic one up at sears.one socket shouldn't be that much and you will get to buy a new tool!!!!!!!!!!brad
Scot Brad is right Craftsman makes a socket type fitting that will for sure remove it , I wouldn't hammer anything , things can break, Yeah I found out the hard way, go to sears, it isn't worth the sickening sound of something breaking , that too is from experience.
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I have a 2003 John Deere GT245. It has hand lift. I have had to replace the K71B transmission. I did that with a K71B from a 1998-2001 GT235. One difference I did notice between the GT245 and the GT235 was a roughly 3/8" spacer between the K71 transmission and the frame on the GT245.

Questions on the Tiller;

1. I purchased a 30" Mechanical tiller, MO3260X595676. This is the very first version of the 30" mechanical tiller and had been on a 240 or 260 series tractor, I believe.

2. The GT245 calls for an MO3264X series tiller (there are also MO3261x and MO3262x models).

3. What parts would be necessary to convert the MO3260x series to the MO3264x series. I have put on the BM19872 lift arm kit on.

4. The tiller does not fit under the GT245.
- It hits against the left side (looking from the rear forward) transaxle. It appears that if I moved it a little it may fit, but then the belt would be rubbing against the bottom of the transaxle.

5. Can anyone tell me what updated parts on the frame or carriage area were added from the MO3260x to the MO3264x series?


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Tom you can look on www.jdparts.com and perhaps see what additional parts you would need. Look up the items you are using. I would myself visit the nearest dealer that has been in business for a while and ask one of the older sales people. He/she should be able to look up what you need. Most are happy to help on the chance you will become a future customer. Roger
OK, just got off the line with my JD Dealer. They say there is not a way to retrofit the older 30" Mechanical Tillers to work on the newer machines.

There are 4 series of the 30" mechanical tiller;


Dealer is saying you can't change frame or other components to make the MO3260x tiller convert to a MO3264x tiller.

Anyone on this site been able to do it?


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Tom my guess is that if you tried do it it would be very cost prohibitive and cheaper to sell the one you have and buy the right tiller. Roger
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