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140 Front PTO Clutch

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I am trying to reinstall my 140 PTO and Clutch and I am about to give up. I have never run this PTO but was on the tractor when I purchased it. It seems to be the correct PTO I found in the archives that it is different from the original since it has four bolts instead of three.
My main problem is the crankshaft is a little shorter than the clutch when I tighten the bolt in the end of the shaft it pulls the clutch disc into the drive disc and there is no way to get the .018 air gap. The crankshaft is probably a quarter inch short I have tried to place a shim or spacer between the drive and clutch plate but that seems to make things worse.
Please help before I shoot this Deere
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Now that I have slept on it I guess I need to know what clutch I need for a 1974 140H1. Is there a number on them and where is it located
The clutch I am trying to install has four adjustment bolts and springs
Thanks Jerrel
Don't be bashful, if you know the answer raise your hand
Thanks guys, My clutch is a model MA-GT-JD7
I think I have found the problem with my clutch, the flexible fingers have been bent probably when it was removed. Someone probably tried to remove the pulley without first removing the four adjustment nuts. (we won't go there.) The clutch disc is about flush with the center part. I have purchased another clutch from a WFM member but has anyone tried to repair this problem before
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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