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140 H1 Spark Plug Blow Out

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I just purchased a 140 H1 (14H). The previous owner stated it was running great up to about a week ago when the spark plug blew out of the head. The threaded sleave was blown out with spark plug if this helps. Is this an easy fix? Can a machine shop be of any help or will I need to find a replacement head? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Dan ,welcome ,yes a auto machine shop can re pair this with a helacoil. David
From what he says, I gather it had an insert previously but yes, an automotive machine shop can fix it easily. It may take more than a new helicoil though.
Thank you David and Pete for your help. I will call a machine shop to get her back running. Dan

There used heads on ePay all of the time.
Use key words "K321" along with "John Deere 140".
There are 4 under K321.
I can't post a link as that is against the rules but you get the idea.
May be cheaper than having the old repaired anyway.


We have had a head previously with a helicoil but it has blown out again. We got to run it to a machine shop soon but instead of another helicoil we are going to get him to make an insert for in there.

Just my 0.02.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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