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140 Seat Question

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I will eventually need to replace the seat on my 140. Does anyone know if the original old style, flatter cushion is still available from John Deere or know where one can be obtained? I really just need the cushion, but would buy the entire seat assembly if I have to. Thanks.

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I don't think that seat cushion has been available for quite a few years. You can come across them on ebay once in awhile. If not drive to Iowa in August and attend the Little G Expo and you can find them also.
Ryan: The original cushions from JD are long extinct. You may want to get in contact with Brandon Pfeiffer at HAPCO, one of the advertisers on the top of this page. He has a company lined up to make the original style cushions, but he is looking at the interest level to see if it is a viable project. I understand the tooling costs are pretty high and he needs to be sure he can recoup his investment before having the cushions made for the first time.
Thanks for all the info. I'll check with Brandon at HAPCO or try to find one elsewhere. If not, I'll just buy the other type of cushion from John Deere. Thanks again guys.

One last thing, I bought a cushion from JD (TY15741, I believe) that was $58.26 total including tax in early October. This isn't the original smooth finish piece, but they look great and hold up extremely well. I put one of these same cushions on my 1968 110 in 1987 and have used it weekly since and it still looks nearly new.
I checked with HAPCO and he said it will probably be about a year before he begins making the flat cushion for the 140's. But he acted as though he was definitely going to make them...it was just a matter of time. Ryan

Would you happen to have a picture you could post of your 140 seat?

Was it the pad you put on the original seat shell?


Joe in chilly Wisconsin
These aren't photos of my tractor, but it is the seat cushion I was referring to. This is cushion only, and you install it on your metal seat pan.
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I need your help. How/what is the easiest way to change the hyrdo stat drive belt on a LT166? If anyone has a step by step it would be greatly appreciated. I doesn't look easy.

Thank you

Hi Terry

Thank you very much for providing this information. Is there a manual that speaks specifically to re and re-ing the belt? Not just adjustment. Not sure how to get it over steering or if all idlers need to be removed.

Thanks again.

Kevin, I've done a lot of these belts, just remove mower deck, jack up the front axle, write down the belt arrangement, remove 2 belt idlers and guides, remove cotter keys on the back end of steering rods, simply slip belt over trans. pulley (may need to remove a guide there too.), pull belt away from engine crankshaft, and remove belt. Reverse process to install new belt. This is a real good time to replace the 2 trans. idler pulleys.
I almost always do. Good Luck, Fred
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Kevin, to answer your question about manuals, what Terry posted is all that's in the PC1924 service manual (covers LT133, 155, and 166) on drive belt R&R. The manual does not show belt routing.

The job is fairly straightforward, as Fred has noted. Once you get out and get under your tractor, you can see where things are. You'll need to drop the steering rods and pop the big springs that block R&R of the loose belt.

You'll need a lever tool to get the big springs reinstalled. The one I use is a Bendix-and-Lockheed automotive brake tool that is about 18 inches long with a U-shaped end for installing shoe retracting springs.

I'll also agree with Fred that you should get new idlers along with a new Deere belt. The bearings in them get tired and noisy, and if they don't need replacement now, they'll probably need it next time around with the belt.

Thank you very much guys. I feel much more confident in tackling this repair with all the information provided. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks again.

Well fella's, I finally got around to replacing the belt. Thanks so much for your help and advice. It went real smooth as a result of your help. The hardest part was getting the big spring back on but we got it eventually. That belt was as old as the tractor. If we get another 12 years out of this belt, we will be laughing.

Thanks again so much !

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