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140 service manual

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I'm looking to buy a 140 service manual and I have seen them on ebay very expensive so I want to make sure I'm buying the right one. My tractor is a 1974 140 will any 140 service manual work or do I need the one for the 1974 140. If some know a good place to get one CD or book let me know Thanks again everyone Ken One more thing how much should I pay roughly for nice steel cab for snowblowing?
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Hi Ken, If you call your dealer you should be able to get one, or they will give you a toll free number to order one. I think they are 60 for the book and 30 for the cd. Give them the serial number and they will get you the correct one ( I think there are only 2 - less than 30,000 or greater than 30,000 but I could be wrong on that)
Ken, Go to the bottom of this forum to (site links) and go down to Brad's JDPuller and click on Deere publications. This might help you find the correct manual you need. Lots of information there.

Hi Ken, Robert is right about the above & below 30,000 serial #. Only two. The CD is about half the cost of the book. At least it was when I bought mine about a year ago.

I know I probably don't want to hear the answer to this, but there goes. Got the deck back on the 285 today. Thought I'd chop some twigs that the willow lost. This is nothing new, I do it every year, but I had the height set a little low and the deck just bogged down, no noises. I also noticed that when I switched on the deck, there wasn't the usual "whunk". It just started. Is the clutch going out? 'Seems like after all the new parts, carb, starter, main belt idlers and tightener, there wouldn't be much more that could break. What should I check? After looking at the new X tractor, I was told if I spent that kind of money on a tractor, it and I would have to reside elsewhere. Guess that frees up money to spend on this and the 3 oldies.
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