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140 very noisy

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Is there a way to quiet a loud 140? I have a stack on one of my 140's and it is quieter but, I don't know how long that stack will survive in my bumpy yard. My 214 with the same motor is a lot quieter.

Thanks, Tom
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Hi Tom

I am not sure but aside from a newer type muffler you may be stuck with a loud exhaust. I would think a stack type would be a good noise reducer but you also should be careful not to strain the pipe or head by loading it down with weight. I would think if you could support it somehow it would surely help. I have a stack on my "everyday" 140 and it helps to blow the sound up but it is just pipe and very light so no added strain.
I know this is not much help but I wanted to say HI and give my .02. Good luck.
Hey scot, How are things with you? all is good here. I finally finished restoring the deck that I bought from you and am using the 140 to cut. Do you think a new muffle would fix the loudness? I do have a stack on my 70 140, but I have broken the pipe once and hade to weld in together. Like I said, my yard is bumpy so there is more than just vibration.

I have done some work to the 110, havent completly restored it yet, but fixed the brakes, put on correct muffler and all new belts, also rebuilt the carb. I sure does run good. I am going to finish repairing the hood then I will take pictures.
All is good on this side of the state. Dry but still doing ok.
I would venture to say a new muffler would help quiet it down without worrying about it breaking off in the rough yard. I had a larger tractor and we took the muffler and cut it apart and replaced the baffles in it from a old junk muffler and re-welded it back together and it was quieter. I have heard years ago people putting steel wool in them to quiet them down. Who knows if it works or not...

Good to hear the ol 110 has life in it. Good luck with it.

You could alway add a second muffler after the outlet of the first, or maybe even an elbow to point the exhaust forward and down. Just keep in mind if you put too much backpressure in the system you will loose power and also could ruin the engine.
THEY ARE JUST PLAIN LOUD. Thats all there is to it.
Do a search, some body here was making 140 mufflers........Jim

Richard Chuckry from Canada was making the muffler you are speaking of.
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