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1965 110 starter/generator problems.

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I have a 65 110 that is in great shape,
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except. My son was using it too till his garden and said sparks were coming from under the gas tank. It looked like from the generator, but couldn’t tell for sure. We are hoping it’s just a loose nut or cable somewhere. Anyone run across this before?
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ALL the wiring is in that area. You are just going to have pull the battery and tray out and look. The battery cable goes down there so a large current source like that is likey but until you get it open, it's hard to say. Hell, the cable going TO the gen could be loose! Mike.
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Generator also has brushes that could be worn out. They have springs that hold them tight to the commutator. If it has been arcing, it will need sanded and cleaned to make good contact with new brushes. A starter shop can help you if you don’t have the proper tools to repair it.
Thanks for the replies. That’s the two scenarios I had been thinking. I’m hoping it’s just a wiring issue.
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