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1966 110

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I was looking through my literature recently and I found my booklet that covers a lot of different parts and equipment for the 110 and 60. It is a little bigger that 8.5" x 11.00". I found it in the "trash" pile at an auction some years ago. Has anyone ever saw one of these or maybe has one? I am trying to scan it into the computer so everyone can view it. Some of the late 60's prices for example are a new green/yellow seat cushion for the 110 at $5.61. A new muffler for the 110 $4.97. That is the same as the reproduction muffler that is sold at HAPCO for $99.99. The wheel weights new were $14.75 per weight with the hardware. That is $29.50 per pair. There is also belts. A 110 primary for $1.70. Wish these prices were still good. The one accessory that got me was there was a horn available in either a single or dual horn. I never knew that was an option until I found this booklet.
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That's cool Tim,sell me some parts please
Timothy, The man I bought my 64 - 110 from , Still had the Bill of Sale on it. Tractor was $550.00 Light set was 15.00, wheel weights where something like 30.00. To name a couple things that was on it..... Its amazing at what the accessories will sell for now--Sometimes more then then Little Tractor itself....

Good example of that is the Garden-cart on it, I've seen them sell for as much as $800.00 alone... he said he paid around 25 for it at time he bought the tractor in Dec. 1964.
Try to get that posted, I'm sure lot of us would love to see it.

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Mail it to me and I'll scan copies of it for you and others.
Just checking to see who all caught that. No, seriously I can do it for you and return the original.
Dom, Dom.....

Tim if you do have trouble, I can scan it if Dom can't. I also would like a copy of it myself.
Timothy Baker I have a NOS dual horn kit for a 110 Round fender and one on my 65 110 sound so cool!! Can you post a picture of the cover of that Brochure you have I might have that also?
Thanks Jim
I had some help and I now have it scanned in. I am going to post the pages as soon as I can. I am going to fool around with blowing up the pages to 8.5" x 11" instead of the original size. I will be willing to make copies and send it to you guys if you want them. Only high quality color is expensive. There is a little bit of rodent damage do to the pile of trash I found it on was inside an old grain bin, it is still in good shape.
were those horns offered on the square fenders also? a 110 I just sold had one behind the grill
Cool. I need to combine these into a pdf. Thanks.
If my help told me correctly you can save those pages from my dropbox using some right click of the mouse. My ultimate goal is to have those pages in poster form or just in a large book to have on display with my tractors when I show them. I hope everyone is enjoying that booklet.
Timothy Baker nice find that is the same one i have!! Sure wish the prices were the same today for some of those items!!
Thanks for sharing!!
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