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1966 JD RF 110 hydraulic

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I bought a 66 RF and rand well for a few days and now it just clicks when I try starting it. Assume it's starter/generator. Wonder if it is that and if so where can I pick one up for a decent price or if anyone had one on here that works and willing to sell?
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I would check the cheaper stuff first, (if you haven't already). Could be as simple as the keyswitch. I'd check battery, solenoid, voltage regulator. Also the starter/generator can be rebuilt cheap and relatively easy with a kit.
My 112 did that yesterday. Bad connection at the starter/generator.
Yeah I did the light check and key, solenoid, voltage regulator and new batterie is getting all juice to it so I guys it's starter. I have seen a view cheap ones on line just worried how long those work. But probably worth a try.
Bad connection could be the problem too. I haven't dug into it yet and when I was trying to start it. The wire at the starter was sparking and smoking. So I tighten that down and could probably use a new wires.
So I went and tighten the wire to the starter a couple more turns and fired right up! It likes to smoke at first but settles out after it runs for a few. Needs a good tune up and the back right side needs a rear seal fix and hope it's not to hard to fix but hope to tackle that soon. Thanks for all the help guys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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