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Up for sale is another of our Projects, a 1968 140 H3 sidetag
Price: $500
Location: Grand Blanc MI but shipping available via R/L carriers or Fastenal. $15 handling fee for drop off of item at Fastenal store

Type#: T0583
Serial #: 001944M

This tractor is a really nice survivor, paint is all original, scores an 7.5-10. Hood needs work though
The motor turns over by hand and has good compression. The wiring is all in tact.
The trans seems to be good, the front tires are currently flat but we'll include a good set of fronts from another tractor.

Its missing a seat, air cleaner cover, gas tank, battery tray, and cigg. lighter, as well as a few other misc knobs but they'll be included as i have 140 parts tractors ill take them from.

Tractor will be 90% complete at the point of sale.

Pics are on my phone, send me a PM if interested and as soon as i figure how to use the app this afternoon i can send photos
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