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1969 112H K241 Carb Problem?

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I just read on Deeres web site that dealers will start selling Honda mowers and snowblowers in 2012.Deere will no longer sell JD branded push mowers or snow blowers.Opinion in some ways I think this is a good move for Deere.But I also think they where making a very good push mower with the 14sb models then they stopped making them.I know over the years Deere has farmed out there push mowers and snow blowers to other companies to make like Toro ect.Im just sad to see that Deere seems to be making less and less equipment at there own factories.Like there Frontier equipment brand is all made by other companies to Deere specs.Just my opinion
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I moved this to the Late Model forum and made it a stand alone topic.
Thanks, Mark.

I went to Deere's web site to find the article. Here it is: Deere to sell Honda equipment
Thanks Im not sure how I screwed up posting this
I agree with Mark. It's too bad that Deere is building less and less. One reason I buy Deere is because it's American made. Fewer and fewer things are being made in the US, which doesn't bode well for the long term economy.
Less and less people are willing to pay for quality equipment. Lots of people don't maintain their equipment anymore and consider it disposable.
I just hope John Deere doesn't start selling Honda lawn and garden tractors if they ever start producing them again.
Michael I do not think that would be a bad thing as Honda made a very good garden tractor and still makes good lawn mowers. Roger
I'm not saying that Honda doesn't make good lawn equipment. My point is that too many American companies seem to lose their edge and give up on the markets and let a foreign company take it over. To me, this is a bad trend.

I have a '94 14SZ pushmower that I bought new. It is built like a tank and will last practically forever if I take care of it. John Deere once made great push mowers. I've read some reviews on the new John Deere push mowers and they are mediocre at best. Why did John Deere stop producing well built push mowers and later give up on the market altogether? I asked my John Deere dealer this same question and he doesn't know either. He said that John Deere should have kept building mowers like mine,

Again, this is a bad trend and I hope it doesn't spread to other John Deere product lines.
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Michael the new mowers are made by Snapper an American company. When JD started with push mowers the bought relabeled Toro Whirlwinds and that was the early 1970s. I have both a first year 1970 and a 1971 of those. I also have a 14SB and a 14SE which I would agree are the best mowers JD has built but both of those are Kawasaki powered so it is not like JDs use of other companies or foreign vendors is anything new. A couple of pictures. Roger

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I dont know that deere ever built their own walk behind snowblowers. My 522 was built by Simplicity. The new ones are built by some other brand as well.
I just bought this. It starts & runs but after a few minutes starts to die. I have to play with the choke to keep it running. Any suggestions or do I need to buy a carb kit?
Thanks for help with this!
I would guess the carburetor needs to be cleaned. I would recommend taking it apart and letting the carburetor sit in carburetor cleaner overnight. You can buy a gallon can at F&F. Spray stuff will probably not do it. You probably need the kit to replace the gaskets. Welcome to WFM. Roger
Welcome to WFM Jim. Roger gave you some good advice for every old tractor. I would also replace the fuel line and filter, and check that you get good gas flow from the tank. You can also unscrew the gas cap when it's acting up, to be sure the vent works. If those are all good, it probably is a clogged float needle. Carb kits are cheap too.

Thanks so much Roger & k b - I will try this!
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