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I just picked this machine up Numbers T0581
engine K321AS
Question what does the AS stand for? also this one has dual brake petals and a cigarette lighter but it doesn't have live PTO? last question it appears to have a newer type carb, it doesn't have the air/fuel long screw on top and i can't get it to idle without ir being 90% choked, any and all help is appreciated.

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"but it doesn't have live PTO"

do you mean the rear pto? that was an option, and if you don't have it there should be a plate on the back of your pump, to cover the output stub.

the carb sounds like it needs a full cleaning, I soak mine for a few days in a gallon of carb cleaner, before going in with small wires, and blowing out all the passages with an compressor.

Congratulations on the new tractor
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