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1970 110 K181 coil issue

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i have a GT262, the front lift kit, and the 48 inch blade, but not sure how to put them all together. was wondering if anyone could help me out.
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Hi, Kyle. I would start with JD Parts and do a search for GT262 and when it comes up, click on "Attachments". There are two 48 inch blades listed. Here is the diagram for the second one showing the lift kit.

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Here are the numbers...
Alright, the 70' 110 will start up and run/mow for around five mins then it just peters out...won't start back up and run for about the same amount of time...I've got a new coil but it's the cylindrical type. Can I relocate the coil using the later-model type? Please help...as I don't want to pay $125 for this damned thing!!
Next time it dies check right away for spark at the plug. You should be able to get a coil from O'reilly for 35.00 I would think. OOPs, what engine, K181? Could be bent valve too that is hanging up when expands.
You can switch from the internal magneto to a external coil there is a thread on the conversion
Try the condenser and watch out there's 2 kinds one has a wire one has a post you screw a wire to for a coil system you need the post
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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