Hi all, I've owned this 140h3 for around 4 years but have to let it go. It needs a lot of work, I bought it thinking it was mechanically ok but it needs a lot. Comes with all attachments listed in title. Overall it's pretty complete. I made the bucket to move brush, dirt, split logs, etc around the property, that's all I used it for, was light use. Bucket is not included with sale. Got the tractor out from sitting today, wasn't hard to get running, looks good after giving it a wash. It needs a lot of attention:

a) The engine needs work or replacement, pronto. Last oil change had considerable glitter. Has a rattle/knock at most RPMs. I will include a barebones K341AQS to replace the original motor. Previous owner of the tractor said the K321 was rebuilt but... they did something wrong lol. Regardless, it currently runs decent, starts pretty easy, runs a little rich so there's some black smoke on throttle up and start. Like I said, including a K341AQS with sale.
b) Touch around the spark plug and you'll get a nice zap, ignition system needs to be looked at
c) New issue as of today, the steering brakes are dragging really hard, engine strains a lot when you go to move.
d) Hydro lever feels great but the linkage is pretty far gone. With the lever in neutral it creeps forward or reverse, whatever it feels like. Getting the tractor stationary means playing with the lever and leaving it way off of neutral sometimes.
e) Shaft of the tiller has some play, it's at a slight angle when lifted off the ground. Don't know much about 31/33 tillers, don't know if this can be/needs to be repaired.
f) Angle cylinder on the snow plow has a slow leak

Bucket not included, 4-way snow plow and frame are.
I may be forgetting other stuff, I'll edit the post if I think of anything.

I have a lot more photos + a video on my Google Drive but not sure if posting a link is allowed, if anyone can confirm please let me know.

Have no idea what to put the price at, just setting it at $1,200. I may entertain offers, need the money to fund getting a truck to help keep up the property. PM if interested.