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1974 John Deere 90 electric rider
Type #: S2082
Serial#: 012662M

Price: $300
Location: Grand Blanc Michigan, but will ship via R/L carriers or Fastenal at buyers expense. $15 handling fee to take to Fastenal

I purchased this tractor off an older gentleman here in town who had plans to restore it before he had a stroke. Its 100% complete, but some assembly is required.
The charger was removed, so the two wires that run up to the dash panel need patched back together. The hinge for the hood needs re-installed. No, the fiberglass isnt bad, he just took it apart for paint. The steering wheel also needs re-installed, you currently just steer it with a pair of vise grips.

I've jumped all 3 motors (drive, deck, and deck) and they all worked. Electrical system looks in tact.
Charger looks usable
Deck isnt rotted at all
Original tires all hold air

I dont have pics on my computer, but if you send me a PM i can get them to you as soon as i figure out the WFM app on my phone.
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