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1980 JD 400

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I have acquired the tractor I learned to do work on about 30 years ago. THE John Deere 400!. My grandfather bought it brand new in 79 or 80. My dad used it from 1992ish until 1996ish when the engine scattered. This tractor has been sitting untouched in my garage since the last time it moved about 25yrs ago. Other than the scattered engine, it is cherry- Grandpa and dad took very good care of it. My question is........is it worth my time and money to get the beast going again? (After my son and I get our 60 rebuilt [see introduction thread])
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Jim one thing is doing an oil change add the recommended amount from the manual and then check the dipstick. Sounds obvious right? Those onans for some crazy reason always have oil very high on the stick till you wipe it and recheck, then it gives a correct reading. The Kohlers also can have the oil pressure turned up. Idk about rods breaking though. My idol says they just break, no rhyme or reason. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Temp, getting the oil capacity spec is a great advice to verify proper oil level. You never know when a previous owner replaces an original dip stick with any dipstick that might fit. In 30+ years, anything and everything can happen with these machines.

Also, I agree on the Onan reading high when you first pull out the dipstick even if the engine hasn’t been run in a week. Always have to wipe it and drop it in again to get the proper reading.
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