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This 317 belonged to an elderly (now deceased) family friend. It's a 1982 model and before he passed I'm pretty sure he said the engine is a series 1 and needs rebuilt (big surprise, I know). It has 26x12x12 ag tires on the rear (both hold air and have good tread), no mower deck. It also includes the rear PTO shaft and lift arm for use with a garden tiller. The front grill is present and straight, not beat up. The front right tire does have a leak but I think it's repairable and in otherwise good condition.
Located in western Illinois between the Quad Cities and Galesburg.
Asking $350 or trade for FFL items, reloading equipment, etc...

1982 317 with tiller PTO & lift arm, ag tires - 1 SN-C317L-193823-M.jpg

1982 317 with tiller PTO & lift arm, ag tires - 3 SN-C317L-193823-M.jpg
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