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Howdy WFM folks!

I'm digging out from the ongoing snow storm here in the great north east. We've got about a foot so far, and it's still coming down!

I learned some things last night...

I need LOTS more weight if I'm going to plow snow. The gentleman I bought it from said he'd never had any trouble, but I have a long country driveway with a grade to it. about 6 feet up over 150 feet of driveway. Not a lot but you can definitely tell when you're pushing snow uphill toward the road!

The snow was about 8 inches of dry fluffy stuff, but was getting heavier... I could push about 20 feet before too much built up and started me spinning. Posi was no help since they'd both just spin, of course.

I cut a 4in wide piece of rubber stall mat to use as a wear edge for the plow. I had a rubber edge on my plow when I had my Ford Escape, always did a great job, and my pal at the town highway dept says they swear by rubber edges on the town trucks. I haven't put that on yet, as I can't get the nuts/bolts off. I need an impact wrench, my impact driver just won't do.

I'm thinking the snow blower would have been a better choice for this storm, but I have no idea how to hook it up or even what model it is. It looks to be single stage, but I can't read the label with model info.

I still would need a bunch of rear weight with the snow blower, so that's one of my first items on the list...

1- Weight!
Should I get one of the weight brackets that attaches to the upper part of the 3pt and the lower part bolts to the "draw bar" plate I have installed? or should I go the full 3pt drawbar attachment with rack for suitcase weights that I've seen? The latter would be a lot more money initially, since I need all the arms and whatnot to use the 3pt hitch. I'm not even sure what those parts are, since I've never used 3pt equipment.

2- Work lights?
I'd like to hook up some 15 watt LED work lights, maybe two front and two rear. Operating at night in and out of the road and no light behind me for backing up is not my idea of safe or fun...
Anyone added lights to the 430 and lived to tell the tale? How much draw can I safely add?
(I had a 180 watt 14,400 lumen light bar on my Escape. I have no illusions of using it on the 430)

3- Exhaust configurations?
The exhaust ends on the left side just by the frame. It blows into the cab (I don't have the yellow boots installed as yet). Suggestions on alternate exhaust? Vertical / olde timey?

4- Block heater?
I can't keep the tractor AND the car in the garage, and I don't have the luxury of a barn, shop or other large and useful outbuilding... Any suggestions for block heaters, etc to keep the 430 warm enough to start well on frigid days? I use diesel treatment, but that isn't the whole solution of course.
Right now, the car (2012 Outback) is out in the snow and cold (and getting 20mpg instead of 26mpg!) and I'd like to keep it protected, since it's a LOT more expensive than the 430 was.

5- General
Where the heck do I find any of this stuff? It's a great little machine, but I don't know where to look for manuals, attachments, parts, etc. I've seen several small manufacturers mentioned here on WFM, but many seem to be out of business long back, and I'm jealous of those folks who seem to be able to fab up great stuff in their garage shops! So jealous.:drool: I'm not helpless, but not a machinist or metal worker in any way. I need to be able to buy what I need.

Whew. Just a few thoughts as I rest from shoveling out this morning so I could get the gas I forgot last night... :snow:Now I can use the walk behind snow blower to clear this storm while I figure out how to make the best use of the 430 in my garage. I'm finishing my:morning: oatmeal and lamenting my choices at the moment. I could use advice, wisdom and encouragement.

Thanks for reading!

:read:Kudos to you if you made it all the way through my epistle! :nada:

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Your equipment: PC numbers are Parts Catalog numbers, look up at https://partscatalog.deere.com/jdrc/search
My package deal included:
Front quick hitch BM18122 part of PC1937
54" plow blade PC1936
Brass Tag 80 trailer PC933
60" mower deck
60-Inch Tractor-Mounted Rotary Mower (For 400, 420 and 430 Series) - PC1928
Snow blower - single stage? model # should M0062 PC1937 46" Snowblower
Also, it's got a steel cab on it. With Steel doors should be a Cozy Cab

See attachments


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1 - a 3pt linkage weight frame makes installation/removal easy. I just have a cross bar on the lower arms, and the top of the pile of rail fish plates uses a chain with hook to the top link. I have 350# of fish plates and ag tires and I have good traction. I previously used chains on turfs and they worked better (still have them). The fishplates hanging way out the back makes for a good counterbalance to the snowblower. I just have the regular cutting edge on my snowplow because I seem to get packed ice that is no good on the asphalt driveway
2 - 4 @ 15w LED lights is fine
3 - Just fit the boots : ) Easier than dicking with the exhaust. I have the std exhaust and the yellow boots and I don't ever smell exhaust
4 - Block heater. It may already be fitted. Look under the the front radiator hose neck. I made up a short extension so that I have the plug hanging down inside the cab. I just plug it in when I park and it's good to go. Only takes 30 minutes to heat so you don't need to leave it on all night
5 - John Deere publications has all your documentation (operator's manual, parts catalog, serviceman's reference). JDParts has the parts catalog online so you don't technically need that book. Get your Hygard oil for the transmission at your dealer, and parts etc.
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