I am selling this one-owner John Deere 322. It has about 2080 hours. There is nothing really wrong with this mower, and I kind of feel like I am letting go of a family member. I have been living on an acreage since 2015 and this mower is not made for that, it just sits covered in the shop. I’ve been using a 1025R and Z950M for maintenance and mowing. If I lived on a smaller lot, I’d still use this 322. I don't need to sell it, or want to sell it, but it was made to run, and somebody can get great machine and hard to find accessories.

We bought this tractor in the fall of 1989 from the John Deere dealer in Kirksville, Missouri. It had less than 50 hours, and had been used a demonstrator. I used this for mowing yards and snow removal in junior high and high school. After that it was basically used to mow our small lawn and other projects, and was kept in the shed.

We have not had any problems with the 322. The fluids were always changed according to JD intervals. We added 3-point and rear hydraulics. For a time it had rear PTO, but we sold the rear PTO and tiller years ago. I basically winterized it and it sat in storage for 7 years while I lived in the big city. When I got it out of storage, I changed all the fluids, replaced the battery, and it started on the second try!

The front weight bracket (holds 8 weights), rear weight bracket (holds 6 weights), original rockshaft, and thatcher are all included. I am not selling any suitcase weights. We originally had the 75lb wheel weights, but those got sold, along with our first snow blade. These weights are the newer 50lb weights. The hubcaps are from 1989, so while shiny, there are small rust spots.

It originally had a 50’ mower deck, but for reasons I never really agreed with, we sold that deck and bought the 46” deck it now has. I had the deck spindles replaced in 2015, and I doubt there is 50 hours on the spindles.

It is all original, no repair work done to the engine or hydrostat. I did have the alternator rebuilt in 2015. Several years ago I started having issues with the electric clutch. I adjusted the gaps, replaced the battery, and got it going. I replaced the bearing for the clutch as well. I still run into times that the PTO does not want to engage. If I have the PTO switched engaged, and move from forward to reverse, the PTO engages. Maybe the electric clutch needs replaced?

Please call and we can discuss. I have lots of pictures available. 417 eight one eight 6080. Brian