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200 Series Side Covers Cause Overheating

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I am looking for a drawing with the dimensions for the manaul lift BM 17626 or BM23034 that can be used on a Jd 500.Would like to build one over the winter months. Thank You
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I thought I once heard that you should take the side covers off because they restrict air flow and lead to overheating and can do engine damage. Has anyone else heard this? Would this apply in the winter when snow blowing/ plowing. Share your knowledge to help keep our Kohlers running strong. Thanks
I don't have them on my 212, just can,t keep an eye on the flywheel screen. The 2 blade 38 deck is a dirt and grass thrower.
I have a 212 and a 214 that are both over 30 years old and they came with side covers. I'd say they were meant to be on. Even my new Craftsman push mower gets grass in the flywheel...Myself, I wouldn't worry about it, just take care of it like anything else. Clean it after use.
I think the covers actually HELP air flow/cooling . AND...the left one helps keep grass clippings away from the f wheel cover .

A problem , IMO , is it seems like there could have been a better way to fasten them to the pedestal & hood support . A lot of guys simply left them off & they ended up discarded .

If you WANT to address a real problem that can cause overheating & actual engine fires , you should remove the sheet metal covers on the engine . Mice nests are commonly found in the spaces there .
Removing and cleaning the covers would be a good idea, but if you leave them off, the engine with definitely overheat, because they are designed to circulate the cooler air around the engine.
The side panels may get in the way but like the guys said above they are there to improve the flow of air around the motors since all they have for cooling is air and oil. The right side panel doesn't serve much of a purpose besides heat protection, but the left side panel is open in the front and the flywheel turns clockwise, so it sucks in the air rapidly through the side panel and forces it up into the intake. The 200 series side panels are a little funny because they have to have that front opening for the cross-mounted motor. And I think we can all agree they are a PITA to line up properly when you bolt them on.
The early 200 series that had screens had a problem with air flow after they ran for about an hour or so. My 212 with louvered sides never had an issue.
JD and Dave both hit on the issues I saw when I had my 214. The other issue I saw was that grass clippings would build up at the bottom of the shield and the frame or in the slits where the end of the slit is to the rear of the engine. Keep those old clippings blown out. I have witnessed the aftermath of a corn harvester (Uni-Harvester)/ combine fire and so I hate parking a mower without using the leaf blower on it at least to get rid of debris from around the engine and muffler.
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