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The John Deere 200 Series

With the 1975 model year, the new 200 series tractors were introduced. While this meant the introduction of a brand new line of lawn tractors, it also meant the demise of the 110 and 112 workhorses. The following 110/112 design features were retained:

  • The four speed 2300 series Peerless transmission with cast housing and full compliment of bearings.
  • -The two V-belt Variator Drive.
  • -Mechanical clutch PTO same as the 110/112 series.
  • -Front and rear attachment point remained unchanged from 110/112 series.
  • -Continuation of operator comforts such as neutral starting system and fully padded, highback seat and an optional "float-ride" type seat base.
Incorporated in this new model design were the following improvements:

  • A choice of engine options: 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 horsepower Kohler engines.
  • Rubber Iso-mounted engine.
  • Fully shrouded engine with shrouded, low tone muffler system
  • New style hood and grill with back-sloped brow to reflect styling on full size Ag tractors.

Five horsepower sized models were offered during the thirteen years the 200 series was marketed. In 1975 the 200, (8 hp), 210 (10 hp), 212 (12 hp), 214 (14 hp) were offered. The 200 was dropped from the line in the 1976 model year due to lack of consumer demand. The 210, 212, 214 were built until the completion of the 1987 model year. in model year 1979 the model 216 (16 hp) was added to the 200 series and was offered until the competition of the 1987 model year.

Deere designers maintained the Quick-Tach type mounting that had proved successful on the late model 110/112 tractors. This allowed use of all front and rear attachments used on the late model 110/112 tractors. This allowed the L&G owner to "trade-up" on his tractor and continue to use his 110/112 attachments. Included in the list of transferable attachments are:

  • 39 and 47 mower deck
  • 37A snow thrower
  • 43 front blade
  • 31 mechanical tiller with up to two extensions
  • rear sleeve hitch and all associated implements
  • all dump carts and hitch drawn equipment
  • choice of front and rear wheel/tire options
  • wheel weights and chains
  • weights and weight bracket for front and rear mounting

Vehicle Car Construction equipment
Allied equipment manufacturers were pleased as well. Minimal redesign of their equipment is all that was required to adapt to the new 200 series.

The 200 series came standard with a mechanical attachment lift system with drop links for the mowing deck and reach rods to front and rear for attachment lift systems. A lift assist spring was offered to lighten the lever forces. An optional electric lift and also a hydraulic lift was also offered. Estimated that less that 15% of the tractors were set up with these options. The hydraulic lift option was similar to installations on the 110/112 tractors, except the pump/relief valve and the control valve were separate components. The hydraulic reservoir was separate with a one quart capacity.

The 200 series finally separated the battery and the fuel tank. A 3-1/2 gallon fuel tank was located under the seat deck.. A fuel pump was installed on the Kohler engines to insure correct delivery of fuel. The battery remained under the hood.

The 200 series tipped the scales at about 750 pounds for a 212 model. Add 7-8 pounds per model as engine size changed. Add on about 170 pounds for a mowing deck and you had a pretty nice, stable mowing and garden working tractor.

The 200 series was built relatively unchanged for thirteen years. The 1975-76 models had screened engine covers. from 1977 on, the screens were replaced with the more recognized louvers. Over the years, there were minor changes in engine mounts, manual PTO linkages and muffler shrouding. In 1979, all models were upgraded to an electrical PTO clutch.

All of the 200 series models were included in the same serial number series. Serial number was preceded by an equipment type code prefix as:

1975 - 1982 C210, C212, C214 and 1979-82 C216
1983 - 1987 M00210X, M00212X, M00214X and M00216T
YearSerial Number
1975 30,001-55,000
1976 55,001-70,000
1977 70,001-80,000
1978 80,001-95,000
1979 95,001-120,000
1980 120,001-155,000
1981 155,001-190,000
1982 190,001-222,000
1983 222,001-285,000
1984 285,001-315,000
1985 315,001-360,000
1986 360,001-420,000
1987 420,001-475,000
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Summary by Richard Brandt, Photos from John Deere advertising literature. 01/23/2002
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