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JDF, I have the same wheel weights I haven't seen them anywhere else, funny.

I agree that it's either a 316k or a 300
It's still well worth $550.00. Would make a great worker.
Does the trans have a dip stick (300) or a sight tube (316K)?

My vote is 316K .

Do you have more pics?
Thanks for the help Chuck

my 316 is the p218g and the 318 has points, so I am guessing that means the older model. Sounds like too much trouble to convert huh? Too bad, that 318 is in awesome condition.

Not a bad conversion at all to put a P218G in a 318 that previously had a B series Onan! Sorry my thorough discussion in my earlier post was any discouragement -- it was not meant to be anything other than informative...

Just notch the frame for the solenoid clearance or change the pan & starter from the old engine and use a firewall mounted solenoid. Since the drive shaft is a bit shorter in the older 318 tractor, you can either get a spacer -- or use the flywheel from the older B series engine which fits that shorter shaft. Many folks here have put the more up-to-date electronic ignition P series engine into the 1986 and earlier tractors, so a search here on the topic will yield a wealth of information.

If the price is right, you should get that 318. Just the upgrade to power steering is worth the effort alone and the dual spool hydraulics and turning brakes are valuable features as well.

Show us pictures when you get it...

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Just 69 more tractors to go...

Could we hit 10k before the end of January???


JD, sounds like you will have everything you need to do the swap with the two tractors. I would go for it. I put a P218 in place of a B series in a 318 and it was not a hard transplant.
got to lookin at my new 80 cart today. pic below shows original goodyears on it with the nubs on the tread yet......pretty cool. this thing did not see alot of use.

does anyone know off hand how long ago these goodyears went off the market???


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I like the manual steering on my 18HP onan 316 better than the power steering on my 318s. A couple things I'd like on my newer 316 Onan is the dual brakes and dual hydraulic circuits. Of course an hour meter and reserve fuel supply valve would be cool too.
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For those looking for the 2010 WFM calendar,it is on the first page in the gallery.You will need to click on them to get them to the larger size before saving them to your computer.
Happy printing guys and gals.
John Moore,
I don't have any other pics of the whatever it is Tractor. I called him and he sounds weird about it. He said he has only had it for "A WHILE' and is ready to move on . He doesn't know if it has a site tube or dipstick, He doesn't know how long ago the motor was installed but assured me the tag on the motor says P218G Onan and admits it is a repowered unit. I think maybe he bought it not really knowing what he got and now he's trying to unload his problem..... I told him I would check back come Saturday and maybe look at it, but sell it if ya can buddy,lol
I followed this car around Frederick, Md. for a while today. Up until it turned and I could see the side, I figured our own Roy Schroeder had decided to make a trip east!

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I finally got around to checking out the 2010 calendar in the Gallery today.

I see my 332 got a "rear end" shot for September cutting grass along my parents driveway with a haban sickle mower.

Congrats to the others that are on there!

I would ask that we substitute Roy's RF 110 parade rig with his caddy though...as it seems to be more popular on here going into 2010.

One suggestion for next year would be to have a little box in the corner of each picture giving the tractor/attachment details (model and year) and owners name like they do on antique farm tractor calendars.
Anybody know what the GVW is on a Agri-Fab cart? I don't think I've hit it yet. I had to bump the pressure in the tires to 60lbs, they kept blowing off the rims.

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If that is a 17 cu.ft cart,i have one identical to it,and i think if i REMEMBER,i think the weight capacity is around 1200-1600 pounds.I have loaded mine VERY full with gravel,dirt,sand and other stuff.I loaded it with our Bobcat.We have the big bucket on it,and i can get a full bucket,and a good 3/4 of another one in it.I have had the tires squat pretty good on my wagon,just bumped up the air pressure,and go along with it.It did dump pretty easily being that heavy.
Hey Phillip, I was wondering if you still have the 110 you bought at the Central Maryland Antique Tractor Club auction in Middletown last spring.
Phillip & Kenny, with the 17 cu. ft. Agri-Fab.... so long as you don't bend the tongue, you haven't overloaded it... YET!

I managed to do that years ago loading it to the brim with nickel to quarter sized river rock. It was full, and heavy! I have no clue what it weighed full, though.
You got the wrong guy Tom, I was at the Middletown auction, but I didn't buy the 110. If I remember correctly, it sold for $325 or so. If it would have been a round fender I'd of jumped on it.
Ahh Ok. It was a guy named Phillip and I thought it was you. If it had been a round fender it would still be in my garage.
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Philip. It wasnt me. Its in storage until the snow goes away. Nice color though.
It will be making a run out to Nate Peters in spring though.
It's that time again....

<br>For a Registry Update!!![/COLOR]<br>

Just 57 more tractors to get to 10,000! Holy cow!!! It might just be this month just yet!!!

A big thank you to all of the folks who have put their tractors in the Registry in the last few months!!!

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