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Having visited this informative and enjoyable site numerous times over the past year I decided it's time to join. I've added my 110, 212 and 318 to the registry. All have been acquired within the past year and are in original but tired condition. With the help found here I hope to restore all three over time. Thanks for such a great website!
James, nice clean 332.

Make sure to register it. I'm sure Chris will be happy to help if you cant figure it out.

Who's going to be the 10,000th to register????
Michael - at least my wife appreciates all the things the JD's do around our property, including mowing, clearing snow, rototilling, leveling ground, etc.! Got a little heat, though, when I brought a 5th GT home this fall...
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Gary Thank you for the link. I did not see that one in my search. There is another link in the thread, but it does not work. I run into that a lot here. linky no worky. Is it my computer or is it the link?

Ok so I got the fan belt off not hard at all. I also finished taking all of the panels off, hopefully when its all said and done I can get it back together lol. When it comes to painting the frame should I remove the engine? James
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Welcome to the site ,and the madness Kevin.
Hey Michael - Doing the same thing you are - my new chute came in today:

That's my 216 with a 212 hood on it. The hydraulic lift really helps my old bones with that blower. Good luck with that nice 214
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Mark Mann -

Generally speaking it's up to 1992. When you go to the Registry page, there is a list of models that are supported and that list is accurate. If you have a tractor model that is on the list and are having a problem getting it in the Registry, shoot me an email. There are a couple of type codes that have a problem in the Registry.

For those that are following along, just 22 to get to 10k!!!

Holy cow!!! it's close, real close!!!

we should be able to hit the mark today don't you think Chris???

i know of one guy up in fulton ny that needs to go get himself a 140 today JOHN MOORE........ knowing his luck, he'll drag home at least five in one shot, that just leaves 15 for the rest of the country

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Here is how I painted my 332's frame.

It was in pretty good shape except for the first foot where a leaky battery made a mess of the paint.

Its a worker tractors so I didnt see the point in tearing it all down to the bare frame. Plus, you dont see very much of the frame once all the green sheetmetal is on.

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Thanks for the reply, I think thats what I'm going to do. Nice looking machine. James
Chris.. what software do you use for the registry database? I think I asked you that before but I'm 55 now and qualify for the senior discount at the drug store, which means I get to ask everything twice.

Way to go Mike! I've been busy doing a little work on some of mine that needed a little work.
Here's [URL="http://s660.photobucket.com/albums/uu324/86deereguy/Garden%20tractor%20photos/110%20album/"> the 110 with electric lift & blade getting new battery, etc.[/URL]
What brand paint did you use Mike? Did you use a spray gun, or rattle cans.
Drew, If you strip your tractor down to where Mike Duwe did I would be glad to strip and paint your sheet metal for you if we could work out a fair deal if its something you might be interested in shoot me an e-mail I would like to wait for warmer weather though. That is if you still wanted us to paint it..
I finally registered the rest of my collection. (Including the nice 77' 300 I picked up today!)
John, Thanks! I bet you made Cris Neal very happy today!

Chris Neal...
Congrats! We made 10,000 today and then some!

Let's get them all in a parade somewhere!
Think how long a lineup that would be!

About 20 miles as I figure allowing just over 10 feet per tractor!
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It looks live New York put us over the 10000 mark!!Thanks to my buddy John Krivda.
I will have to stop by and check out your latest find!

I use "semi flat black" in spray cans. Deere has something similar (semi gloss black???). I get it from Walmart, here is the same stuff:


Here is what the tractor looks like with the green back on.

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